Even though Toyota has experienced some serious setbacks this year the company has continued to succeed. However, luxury brand, Lexus, is not performing as well. Lexus may have outperformed Mercedes and BMW in 2010, but this year the tables have turned.

Akio Toyodo, the CEO of Toyota, is most certainly aware of Lexus' current state. Karl Schlicht, Product & Marketing General Manager, approached the CEO directly and explained to him the absolute need for a brand leader for Lexus. Toyodo stepped up and has taken it upon himself to lead Lexus.

To help Lexus thrive like he knows it can, Toyoda has created a stand-alone Lexus division within Toyota. The team will rule the brand's design, development and strategic marketing efforts worldwide. All Lexus team senior managers will report directly to Toyodo.

How did Lexus end up in this positions? The brand's management was inconsistent. Until recently, a significant number of managers from Toyota were passed though Lexus every couple of years. Given the fact that many cannot even be classified as luxury brand experts, and all had different ideas, Lexus products and branding have largely been inconsistent.

Toyodo, however, plans to instill in Lexus the consistency and proven strategies that have made Toyota such a reputable brand.  "I am passionate about the future of Lexus, and wanted to be personally involved," he said in a recent interview with Motor Trend magazine. "...Toyota once dreamed about being the biggest auto company. But I want to aspire for it to be the best."1

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