With models like the Toyota Highlander and hybrid Toyota Prius available at Peterson Toyota located at 9101 Fairview Ave, Boise, Idaho, it's no wonder the Japanese automaker continues to hold the number one position in the auto industry.

Interbrand Best Global Brands 2011 is an annual report, which recognizes the top brands within the major industries, across the world. This year, Toyota earned 6 performance points, giving the company a total of 11, which includes recognition for fixing prior quality issues in favorable ways. Toyota was also applauded for overcoming the challenges of Japan's earthquake and tsunami aftermaths.

"Even though Toyota faced both an internal crisis and an external crisis, the company forged ahead by focusing on safety and quality, modifying its leadership structure and capitalizing on its world-renown green efforts," the report adds.1

Interbrand considers three major aspects when determining the Best Global Brands:

Financial performance of products and services.

The role of a brand in purchase decisions.

Ability to bring in earnings for the company.

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