10 Summer Fuel Saving Tips

#1: Slow Down - By decreasing your freeway speeds to 65 mph you can increase your fuel economy by as  much as 20 percent.

#2: Put it on Cruise - Using cruise control on the freeway helps maintain more consistent fuel delivery.

#3: Reduce the Revs - Driving in gears which rev the engine wastes fuel.  With automatic transmissions, let the computer determine
the proper gear.  In manuals, choose the gear with the lowest rpm which doesn't risk stall or lugging the engine.

#4: Moderate Accelerations - Quick accelerations might get you off the line faster, but it will get empty faster too.  Engines require the most fuel when
accelerating from a full stop, so apply the gas moderately.

#5: Proper Tire Pressure - Under-inflated tires are dangerous and can reduce your fuel economy by up to 3 percent.  Keep your tires inflated at the
recommended pressure.

#6: Empty the Trunk - For every 100 pounds, fuel economy is reduced by 2 percent.

#7: Visit our Service Department - Visit the Peterson Toyota Service Department for regular tune ups.  Not only will this help your vehicle last longer, but you'll also see better fuel economy.

#8: Don't be Idle: Unnecessary idling is one of the most common ways of wasting fuel. If you are not moving or about to move, turn off the engine.

#9: Plan Ahead: Plan all stops ahead of time to avoid unnecessary driving.

#10: Park the Car: Walk, bicycle, car pool or take public transportation whenever you can.